We recently went out to South Africa, to capture the pioneering work of charity ‘Surfers Not Street Children’ on the streets of Durban. Together with surfing and mentorship, they have seen street children lives turned around.
Ntando grew up on the streets of Durban as a street child. From there his life took a change of events when he was introduced to surfing and the workers from charity Surfers Not Street Children. This video captures some of his story and his time spent in the UK pursueing his surfing career.

A short documentary on what surfing and the ocean means to different surfers. It tracks surfers from Cornwall all the way to California. Featuring Bude surfers Reubyn and Joss Ash, Bing surfboard shaper Matt Calvani, surfers Mick Rodgers and Troy Mothershead, with a cameo appearance from the legendary Joel Tudor and his son Tosh Tudor. The film also features charity Life Works, who do amazing work with disabled children.
After watching so much on the news of the Calais and Dunkirk Camps. We were able to visit and film some of the situation out there. It is reality like no other, and something that left us all humbled and deeply challenged by the situation. . .
We all aspire to have a dream. Jelz, a rapper from South London, talks about his hopes and struggles, contained with his latest single ‘In My Head’.
In the midst of one of Britain’s stormiest winters, surfer James Parry escapes to the dreamier side of the pond. This is a visual documentation of his winter escape.